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Marriage & Cohabitation

Amid the excitement and anticipation of planning a wedding or preparing to move in together, many couples avoid or ignore any discussion of what should happen if the relationship ends. While not an easy conversation to have, talking with your partner now about how property is to be owned and how it is to be divided, about spousal support obligations, and about parenting plans, may lessen the emotional toll of a relationship breakdown should it ever occur.

Domestic Contracts are critical for those who are previously divorced, have children from a previous relationship, who have significant disparity in their assets or debts, or who are self-employed / operate a family owned business.

Well-drafted Marriage Contracts (often called “prenups”) and Cohabitation Agreements (for unmarried couples) can provide you with a legal safety net and allow you, and your partner, to plan the future with some security and predictability.

If you’re planning to marry, have married, or are moving in with your partner, contact Carnegie Law Office to help you plan and protect your financial future.  I’ll even give you strategies on how best to approach the issue with your partner!

Services Include

Marriage Contracts (Prenups / Postnups)

Cohabitation Agreements

Domestic Contracts

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